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Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

Now we’re coming to the bad news! Those pots are ‘Omeg’ and they do suffer with age. The grease hardens and the tracks wear… and even worse, I don’t have any spares. I changed ove from ‘Omeg’ when we started to produce JoeMeek gear in quantity…. the later ‘Alps’ pots that we changed to (and still use) are much superior, but in most cases don’t fit as replacements.
I would suggest treat the ‘Omeg’ pots with some WD40 (NOT switch cleaner!) and then spray just a touch of ‘151’ which is a synthetic grease spray in a can. That way the pots should return to near new condition as long as they are not worn out. The one that will be worn out is the monitor gain and for sure that will nead replacing!
The faders are an early version of ‘Alps’. They are 60mm track and again, should be treated with WD40, and a touch of grease. They should be OK.