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Ted FletcherTed Fletcher

AS a further update (March 2018), We now have transconductance amplifiers (current mode, airDRIVE) in production and actually in stock at major retailers here in the UK!

But, there is no ‘song and dance’ about it yet, we introduced a version of a new design of mine which succeeds in converting a class ‘D’ power amplifier into a transconductance amp. We put this amplifier into the ‘main’ signal path of our Orbitsound P70W loudspeaker, but without telling anyone!

The intention was to see if the Great British Public would spot the difference…. it is quite startling, and to gain experience with these amplifier types in production numbers.

The results are not exactly shattering….. the problem is that our airSound loudspeakers sound pretty good anyway and the improved fidelity, although really noticeable, can’t be discussed openly with the customer or we would give the game away.

So to round it off, what I originally called ‘airDRIVE’ is actually a version of a transconductance amplifier, modified to overcome a couple of foibles of the system, namely a tendancy to some nasty peaks at resonance and a naturally rising HF response. All Orbitsound P70W units have this amplifier.

It’s very likely that we shall introduce these amplifiers generally throughout future product ranges; the advantages are very real. 😮 :)