Recent testimonials:

Hi Ted, Absolutley loving my P38 . Its always on my master bus and with very subtle settings its like running a comb through the hair of my audio !

Pendle,  UK 12th Sept 2011

just a quick drop to say that I am very impressed by the sonic capabilities of the v7. It acts as you describe and has a true deep and lively sound. I just finished succesfully, a demanding mastering project and put the p38 on heavy use. Very happy with it. 

Tasos,  Greece July 2011.

Hi Ted, thank you for designing and building this wonderful device (P38V7). I have had nothing but fun working with this placed across the master insert. It does precisely what I would expect a mastering compressor to do. I admire the way it functions in stereo: the controls are all so logical. I also know that if ever anything were to go wrong, I would have someone to turn to. It really doesn't get better than this, thanks again and best regards,

Fintan Doran August 2011

.................I try your m16 on some tracking sessions and it's wonderfully warm
i've never could have sound like this in my protools hd since i have it (even with highend UA preamps, Audient and AMEK preamps).  i can equalize everything without dull sound the voice is clear and not too hiss or harsh
accoustic guitars are mega clear and smouth bass guitars sound thick  and clear etc...

J P, Belgium.  6th Feb 2011

Today I've received my P10!  I'm really happy, I spend on it a lot of time this morning, very beautiful and powerful machine, compliments Ted!

Fabio,  Italy. 21st Jan 2011

...... I've been using the P38 for the drum, guitar,basse and vocals on this album; I'm so happy every day with your stuff and I'm getting more and more into your sound.....

LC - France.  20th Jan 2011

Good morning from Athens, Greece, Ted :)

We would like to thank you for building our new P9 equalizer.  I also would like to thank you personally for all the support you provided me, durind the past months, by answering to all my questions about your P9.
We installed it yesterday and it's the most sweet, smooth, warm and musical sounding equalizer we have ever listen to. What it does to music, is something you can't actually describe, but it sound fantastic! And yes, no plug-in can sound like this!  Once again, thank you for the warm and beautiful sound.

Railway Recording Studios. Athens.
December 2010

"Received the P38EX today and it was put to work straight away on a song that needed re-mastering – I love the ‘full sweep’ control, the mix basically came to life without losing the integrity of the original track. Tight punchy sound too, exactly what I’d hoped for.",

Steve. Sept 09

"The P38EX arrived in good order today.  Many thanks for completing everything so promptly!! I'm very pleased.  So now it's testing and learning this new toy.  I can't wait......",

Marco  Sept 09

My drums will never sound the same again! They are now on another level!!!  My P38EX is staying on the drums…… now I need another one for the whole mix! 

Rosso Aug 09

'I have received the p38ex, I just want to say thank you; the compressor is now a jewel of my studio. We have tested the p38 and it is amazing: very clean but with charisma, and when we saturate the signal, wow!'

Borja November 2010